Tatler Cox is an independent investment and wealth management practitioner offering real-world, bespoke financial and asset management guidance and services to individuals and families seeking to accumulate and conserve wealth.

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Whatever your perception of investment, it undoubtedly includes some element of the peace of mind derived from knowing that your finances aren’t going to be an impediment to your plans for living life to its fullest at some point in the future.

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The Tatler Cox research analysts and market strategists have a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise to help all of our clients understand current trends and identify opportunities in a wide range of international markets.

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Tax & Estate Planning

Helping shape your legacy

Although wealth has the benefit of providing security and freedom, it can also raise many questions. Questions like: who should benefit from the wealth you have spent a lifetime accumulating? In what way will you be remembered? What form will your legacy take? How much is required in order to realize your dreams for the generations of your progeny?

Determining the future value of your estate and choosing those who will benefit from it is really only the start.

Laying the foundations for your legacy

Careful estate planning requires a grasp of complex concepts that are regulated by as many laws as there are jurisdictions in which to apply them. Making them work for you can be challenging but to successfully manage the bequeathing of your accumulated wealth is to lay the foundation of a legacy that endures.

Our Tax and Estate Planning specialists are highly experienced and have deep knowledge of the latest amendments to taxation law and their impact upon estate planning and inheritance. They can ensure that your legacy is distributed to those you nominate with minimal involvement of the revenue services in your jurisdiction.