Tatler Cox is an independent investment and wealth management practitioner offering real-world, bespoke financial and asset management guidance and services to individuals and families seeking to accumulate and conserve wealth.

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Whatever your perception of investment, it undoubtedly includes some element of the peace of mind derived from knowing that your finances aren’t going to be an impediment to your plans for living life to its fullest at some point in the future.

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The Tatler Cox research analysts and market strategists have a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise to help all of our clients understand current trends and identify opportunities in a wide range of international markets.

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private banking

Tatler Cox recognizes that wealthy individuals and families can have unique private banking needs that extend beyond the borders of their own country. For these clients, there are important benefits to consider from banking in certain jurisdictions. For example, a client may want to:

  • Open a bank account abroad to meet expenses pertaining to assets they may own in that country.
  • Diversify their funds between several currencies in order to take advantage of currency fluctuations
  • Provide relatives in another country with a convenient means of accessing funds
  • Maintain a bank account in a region of the world that, perhaps, is more stable than the one in which they currently reside
Regardless of the minutiae, Tatler Cox can provide a bespoke solution, complemented by a superior level of personal attention courtesy of a dedicated relationship manager.

When you use Tatler Cox, all your international banking needs can be administered through one point of contact. This can help to eliminate delays that can occur when dealing with various banks and several currencies.

Our private banking solutions can offer:

  • Accounts denominated in several global currencies
  • Debit and credit cards in local currencies
  • Competitive term deposit facilities
  • Currency exchange services in all major denominations
  • Full and secure 24-hour online banking facilities